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Wooden Houses

Embrace the warmth, charm, and eco-friendliness of wooden houses with our expert craftsmanship. Whether you desire a rustic cabin retreat or a modern timber-framed residence, our team is skilled in working with high-quality timber to create durable, beautiful homes that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings.


Framework Installation

Step 1


Step 2

Electricals / Plumbing

Step 3


Step 4

Installation and Frames

Step 5


Framework Installation

In the first stage we take care to bring the land into a form suitable to accept the lughome. Then the sections of a prefabricated house (treated timber) transported to theland at the base (foundation, constructed in accordance with the structural design) and anchored to it.

Designed and installed a wall comprising:

  • Concentrate frame with vertical planks section 4X2 CM per 45 cm from a selectedand treated by the Filand.
  • Exterior OSB-thick polystyrene foam 10 cm for thermal and sound insulation, plasterboard KNAUF.
  • Outside, Thermoprosopsis composed of O.S.B.



Manufactured with treated timber of such section.

Lined with OSB 11pm, katrocharto, keramydomorina 2×1 and 2CH0, 5.

Then, place tile Cypriot, Portuguese type.


Electricals / Plumbing

At this stage the electrical and plumbing installation of the house takes place according to the plan and the client’s desire.

The electrical installation is complete with a metallic switch panel and automatic fuses. The installation takes place by using wall boxes according to the state regulations. The cabling passes through pipes SIBI (PVC) with proportional cutting according to the urban planning arrangements.

The plumbing facilities are from approved plastic or multi layer pipes of steel, used as the basis (water system and heating), while the drainages are of PVC pipes. All the tubing passes through the wall.



All the floors in a prefabricated house, regardless of installed materials of your choice. (tiles, parquet, marble, wood).

The images you see are only a representative sample of the many materials you canfind in our reports.

Ask our experienced staff for valuable and unique solutions to the choice of flooringthat fits your needs.


Installation and Frames

At this stage mounted frames, internal and external doors and windows.

This takes precedence over your own taste because you can put in your home verything you want from kitchen cabinets, interior and exterior doors and frames.

Finally shape the surrounding area is checked and delivered to the customer key of the new house!