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The Company

Welcome to Magico Construction, established in 2000, your premier construction company based in Nicosia, Cyprus. At Magico, we specialize in bringing your architectural dreams to life. With a steadfast commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and client satisfaction, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results, every time.



What sets Magico Construction apart is our comprehensive range of services, tailored to meet your every construction need. Whether you’re envisioning a stunning residential property, a commercial development, or a renovation project, our experienced team has the expertise and dedication to exceed your expectations.

No matter your preference or architectural style, Magico Construction is committed to bringing your vision to life with precision, creativity, and dedication.

Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your needs, preferences, and budget, delivering tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.

Experience the craftsmanship and quality of Magico Construction in building your dream home or commercial property. Contact us today to begin your journey towards a beautifully crafted space that reflects your unique style and aspirations.

Become an owner of MAGICO discount card


We are proud to announce you that each client of ours can own a MAGICO discount card. What do we mean by that!

Each owner of the above card can shop from the stores that are listed below with the discounts correspondingly:

  • Casa Di Gusto
    Discount: 40%
    Address: 7C Solonos, 2048 Strovolos, Nicosia
    Τelephone: +357 22496300
    Products: Furniture​
  • Falcon Security
    Discount: 20%
    Address: 39 Demofontos, 1075 Nicosia
    Τelephones: +357 99595052, +357 22460824
    Products: Alarm Systems
  • G&L Charalambous
    Discount: 20%
    Address: 5 Myrtou, 2480 Τseri, Nicosia
    Τelephone: +357 22372111
    Products: Κουρτίνες, είδη προίκας
  • Y.E. Deco Blinds
    Discount: 20%
    Address: 13C Kinira Dali Industrial Area, Nicosia
    Τelephones: +357 22321238, +357 99629210
    Products: Blinds